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Onsight TV Live to Jumbovision LED Screens

Jumbovision Big Ass TV’s

Jumbovision Big Ass TV's True HiRes LED Screen Experts

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17-foot mobile Jumbovision LED screen


17-foot mobile
Jumbovision screen
at Pablo Cruise Concert

Vitals: 16.8′ wide by 9.5′ high true 16:9,
8mm SMD LED (8,500 nits super brightness);

24′ trailer with on-board diesel generator,
8.5′ wide with 4×4′ outriggers, 9,800#

Jumbovision Screens

Live Onsite TV to our Jumbovision Screens

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21-foot mobile Jumbovision LED screen

21-foot mobile
Jumbovision LED screen at
NCAA Rowing Championships

Vitals: 21′ wide by 11.5′ high, 10mm SMD LED,
8,500 nits super brightness; 180° rotation with
9.5′ clearance at the base of screen;
27′ trailer,
8.5′ wide with 4×4′ outriggers, 10,500#

Jumbovision indoor LED screen sizes

Jumbovision indoor high-resolution
LED screens from 11.5 to 36 feet

Sizes: 11.5’w X 6.6’h, 14.8’w X 8.2’h,
16.4’w X 9.8’h; 19.7’w X 11.5’h;

Anamorphic widescreen 24.6’w X 8.2’h,
29.5’w X 8.2’h, 36.1’w X 6.6’h

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Jumbovision High Resolution Indoor LED Screens

15-foot high resolution
Jumbovision LED screen at
Big Sky Conference Media Day

Vitals: 14.8′ wide by 8.2′ high, 3.9mm SMD LED;
truss-hung modular build to event specifications

Onsight TV Delivering Great Visual Shows

OnsightTV Delivering Great Visual Shows

Live Onsite TV

Creating Customized Live Onsite TV

Boardshows” with multi-camera, live HD switching, instant replay, real-time data integration, even simultaneous web-casting, talent integration, as well as live aerial footage, plus the ever important sponsor placements.

Extensive experience since 2009 includes college football, college basketball, semi-pro soccer, pro rodeo, auto racing, concerts, memorial events, graduations, and corporate events.

Imagine what we can do for you. Call today to explore your possibilities with Onsight TV to our Jumbovision mobile LED video screens at your next event…

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